Legislative Year Brings Some Victories, Delays

Legislative Year Brings Some Victories, Delays

The 2006-2007 California State Legislative year has come to an end with a whimper. Larger policy issues, such as health care reform and water management issues, are likely to be dealt with during special session.

Legislative Advocacy Group did have a few victories this year including: AB 123 (Nuñez): Parklands/Westside Park in Huntington Park was signed into law by Gov. Schwarzenegger. This bill allows a city and school district to do a land swap but requires the school district to replace the park.

The firm monitored AB 701 — Local Agencies and Compensation, which was authored by Assemblyman De La Torre. The bill was ultimately vetoed. The Governor said this bill would have allowed city council members to increase their own pay 100 percent without a vote of the people and felt this was not fair to the voters of California.

There were several other pieces of legislation that turned into 2-year bills including AB 31 authored by Assemblyman DeLeon — Statewide Park Development and Community Revitalization Act of 2007. This bill will create a new funding program for the creation of parks in park-deficient communities.

The good news for local cities came in the form of AB 196. This bill authorizes $950 million funding for Counties/Cities for local streets and roads. The firm will work with your city managers and public works directors to inform you of all the necessary procedures to draw down funding.