Latino Issues Forum A Champ In Policy Arena

Latino Issues Forum A Champ In Policy Arena

At a time when effecting change is on everyone’s mind, theLatino Issues Forum (LIF) is advancing new and innovative public policy solutions for a better, more equitable and prosperous society.

LIF, a non-profit public policy and advocacy institute, was started in 1987 by a group of distinguished Latino social-justice leaders who wanted to fill a void with a Latino organization that had both research and advocacy capabilities in order to address issues that were not addressed by other Latino organizations.

As a new organization, being flexible in addressing issues at the federal, state, or regional level — both in the public and private sector — has been key to LIF’s success. For over 20 years, LIF has tackled myriad issues ranging from access to basic bilingual-phone services, citizenship, growth management, higher education and auto insurance.

Given the rapid demographic shifts of the 1980s, a stagnant economy and hostile policies led by conservative administrations at the state and federal level, LIF needed to be forceful, thoughtful and opportunistic in creating and seizing opportunities for positive change.

“The desire and ability to fill the void and deal with the issues head on is key to effecting change in our communities,” said Francisco Leal, Managing Partner for Leal-Trejo.

LIF’s goals and direction

“Latinos now hold 3,251 elected positions in California,” stated Nora Vargas (pictured), Executive Director for the organization. “Clearly, our community and LIF are positively positioned to influence public policy. My immediate goal is to inject LIF’s priority of expanding and improving Latino consumer protections into key consumer legislative initiatives precisely at the time our community becomes the general market.”

Since its inception, LIF has demonstrated its ability to provide leadership on cutting-edge issues that affect the state’s Latino population and to advocate for meaningful change. Today, LIF’s approach to successfully moving forward public policy solutions to the Latino community’s needs is threefold:

  1. To research and frame key issues as they impact Latinos,
  2. Develop fair and equitable public policies and practices, and
  3. Advocate for policies that promote the well-being of all Latinos in California.

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