Francisco Leal Resigns As City Attorney For Huntington Park

Francisco Leal Resigns As City Attorney For Huntington Park

Earlier this week Francisco Leal of Leal & Trejo, APC resigned as the city attorney for Huntington Park, and expressed the following:

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers:

Over the past few years I have delegated most of the city attorney legal responsibilities to my associates, to the point that my responsibilities are limited to reviewing agendas and attending meetings. More recently, given the added pressures facing the city, the council has requested more of my personal time to dedicate to the legal matters of the city. In essence, they want a more “hands on” city attorney.

My representation to the growing demands of other clients has made it increasingly difficult to provide the personal attention Huntington Park deserves. Hence, we have reached a mutual and amicable agreement to part ways.

I trust this is an accurate representation of the reasons for my resignation. As you all correctly stated, I am not “engaged” enough, and I appreciate your candor. Also, it truly has been a pleasure working with all of you, city staff and residents of Huntington Park.

Francisco Leal, Esq.